CARVER Integration

CARVER Risk Assessment Process and Its Integration with PESTEL and Context Analysis at ARAC International

CARVER Risk Assessment Process

The CARVER method is a sophisticated risk assessment tool initially developed by the U.S. military and later adapted for various sectors, including NGOs. The acronym CARVER stands for:

This method allows for a systematic evaluation of targets or objectives based on their attractiveness and vulnerability to threats, thus aiding in prioritizing security measures.

Utilization of CARVER at ARAC International

At ARAC International, we have adapted the CARVER method to assess geopolitical and socioeconomic risks, particularly those impacting NGO missions or for conducting comprehensive country or regional risk assessments. We integrate CARVER with the PESTEL and Context Analysis frameworks to create a more robust and multi-dimensional risk assessment process.

Integration with PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal factors. By incorporating PESTEL, we extend the scope of our risk assessments beyond the immediate security concerns to include broader geopolitical and socioeconomic factors. This integration helps in understanding the external environment in which an NGO operates and the various forces that might affect its mission.

Integration with Context Analysis

Context Analysis involves a thorough examination of the setting or environment in which NGOs operate. This includes understanding local cultures, societal norms, political landscapes, and economic conditions. By integrating Context Analysis with CARVER, we ensure that our risk assessments are grounded in the real-world context, making them more relevant and actionable.

Application in Geopolitical and Socioeconomic Risk Assessments

In practical terms, this integrated approach helps us at ARAC International in several ways:

Integration of the CARVER method with PESTEL and Context Analysis at ARAC International provides a thorough and nuanced approach to assessing geopolitical and socioeconomic risks. This integrated solution ensures that NGOs can effectively navigate complex environments and make informed decisions to protect their missions and operations.