Counter Malign Influence Center

ARAC International Inc.'s Counter Malign Influence Division

1. Overview

ARAC International Inc. is launching a Counter Malign Influence Division dedicated to assisting organizations in developing comprehensive frameworks to counteract threats to democratic and economic progress from malign actors. This division will focus on areas such as media literacy, cybersecurity awareness, content analysis, countering disinformation and misinformation, counterintelligence/insider threat awareness, and preventing election tampering.

2. Objectives

3. Key Focus Areas

3.1 Media Literacy

3.2 Cybersecurity Awareness

3.3 Content Analysis

3.4 Countering Disinformation and Misinformation

3.5 Counterintelligence/Insider Threat Awareness

3.6 Preventing Election Tampering

4. Program Implementation

5. Monitoring and Evaluation

6. Partnerships and Collaboration

7. Capacity Building

This framework outlines ARAC International Inc.'s commitment to addressing the multifaceted threats posed by malign actors through a comprehensive and collaborative approach. The division's work is pivotal in safeguarding democratic values and ensuring a secure, informed, and resilient global community.