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Peacekeeper Insight by ARAC International Inc., led by M. Nuri Shakoor, integrates OpenAI for advanced data analysis for peacebuilding. Explore AI-driven insights for global peace efforts.

Assistant to help navigate the various processes for partners and perspective partners for the U.S. Agency for International Development

Our US GFA Strategist AI application is a cutting-edge tool designed for professionals engaged in conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and the implementation of the U.S. Global Fragility Act (GFA), with a particular focus on African contexts. It serves as a comprehensive platform for subject matter experts, consultants, policymakers, and practitioners working at the intersection of international development, security, and governance. The application facilitates in-depth analysis, strategic planning, and collaborative efforts aimed at addressing the root causes of fragility and conflict. By integrating data-driven insights, best practices in conflict resolution, and sustainable development strategies, our tool empowers users to make informed decisions, advocate for effective policies, and implement impactful interventions on the ground.

The application's areas of expertise encompass a broad spectrum of critical components essential for fostering peace and stability in fragile states. These include the facilitation of multi-stakeholder partnerships, cultural competency and local engagement, risk management, and capacity building among local institutions and communities. With features designed to support monitoring and evaluation, policy analysis, and advocacy, the platform ensures that peacebuilding efforts are evidence-based, aligned with international frameworks, and adapted to the unique socio-political landscapes of African nations. Whether you are drafting strategic plans, conducting risk assessments, or engaging in diplomatic dialogues, our application is your ally in the quest for a more peaceful, stable, and resilient world

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