Do No Harm Statement

ARAC Commitment to 'Do No Harm' and the Principles of International Humanitarianism

ARAC International pledges to conduct its programs and operations with utmost care to avoid causing harm in the following areas:

In our pursuit of these commitments, ARAC prioritizes addressing the underlying causes of insecurity, risk, and inequality. We aim to reinforce and enhance local or national service structures and governance, always mindful to reduce the risk of displacing or substituting these services. This approach is essential to maintain a healthy social contract between those in positions of responsibility and the individuals they serve.

To guarantee that our aid continues to be advantageous for communities, ARAC International adopts a context-sensitive methodology in all its initiatives, tailoring our approach to the unique challenges and dynamics of each environment.

Furthermore, ARAC International rigorously adheres to the core principles of international humanitarianism, which include: